Simon Wöhrer | Photography & Graphic Design
Simon Wöhrer, Multimedia Producer based in Vienna, Austria



I’m Simon Wöhrer - a Multimedia Designer living in Vienna, Austria.
Photography is my biggest passion and also part of what I do for a living.
Graphics design for screen and print, video-production from pre- to postproduction, product and packaging branding are a few of the others.

I love what I do and I’m thankful to be able to do what I love.


I started being interested in photography in 2008 with my first DSLR. Since then it has been an on-off relationship until 2013, when I started as a Multimedia Designer.


A film camera, a Minolta X-300 given to me by my dad in 2015, made me give up digital photography for the time being. Film has been so rewarding for me that that’s what I use for all my personal projects.

Nearly all of the work you see on this site was shot on film, some of it also developed and scanned by myself.


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